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  • Do you offer vouchers or gift cards, or provide personalised messages?

Unfortunately, our platform doesn’t currently support gift cards, vouchers or personalised gift messages. 

But with so many of our products having the potential to make the perfect gift, we absolutely recognise how valuable these features would be for our customers. Our technical team is working hard on a range of new exciting features with gifting included and we aim to offer more options here very soon. 

  • I want to purchase a gift, do you include the price in the packaging?

Don’t worry, we don't include the price of the item in the packaging for our artwork :) However, for other items, a shipping note with a price will be included. Please, contact us if you would like the price to not be included and we will do our best to assist you further.

  • Is the receiver going to know who sent them the present?

Unfortunately, we do not include names or addresses in our packages. The recipient will only receive the order but won’t be able to find out who sent them the package. Some brands include a shipping note which might include your email address but we can’t guarantee that any further information will be displayed.

Need to contact us?

You can contact our team on the Help Center homepage, either by opening up the chat bubble directly or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Talk To The Team.

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